Exhibition News: Ballarat International Foto Biennale 2023

I am once again exhibiting at the Ballarat International Foto Biennale. This year, I will be showing both colour and black & white landscape images from my Travelling at the Speed of Light body of work.

A Sense of Wonder :The colour landscape images are taken from the Colour Speed portfolio. They capture a world transformed by motion. Unfixed, unfocused, dissolving, exploding, a world in flux, these images contradict our expectations, generating a sense of wonder. They visualize energy of motion and movement of time; things we normally feel but not see.

My Mystic Mood: The black & white landscape images come from a portfolio called Speed of Light. They are dreamy, moody landscapes that inspire a quiet contemplation and enquiry into the nature of reality.

You will find my images in the Craig’s Royal Hotel from 26 August – 22 October 2023.

Founded in 2005, the Ballarat International Foto Biennale is Australia’s most significant and prestigious photographic festival. The not-for-profit event is held in the historic town of Ballarat, immersing the city in photographic art across its galleries, laneways and cultural spaces. Now in its 19th year, the 60-day event attracts incredible international and Australian photographers, enriching the cultural landscape of regional Victoria every two years.

BIFB 2023 is a catalyst for conversation. This year our theme, The Real Thing is a provocation and a nostalgic call to come and see what is real.

BIFB opens the conversation about photography as an art form to a wider audience, not only championing the work of local, national and international photographers but also offering masterclasses, competitions, community programs, interactive exhibitions and more.

Exhibition News: Visual Foray at the Wolfhound Gallery

UPDATE: Exhibition is held over until August 20!

I will be exhibiting in Melbourne at the Wolfhound Gallery in Fitzroy along with 10 other members from the Melbourne Camera Club. The group shows opens 7 July 2023 and runs through the month of July.

I am showing six images from the World That Never Stops Moving portfolio.

World That Never Stops Moving is one of the portfolios comprising a larger body of work called Travelling at the Speed of Light. Each portfolio has a different emphasis on the central theme of the energy that underpins all existence. 

When I make these images in camera, it is all about time, distance, light, and speed.  I have to be aware of the world around me, the shapes, forms and colours and the mechanisms on the camera.  But when I process these images, I am looking for something I recognize as energy. I combine the traditional aesthetics that can visually illicit emotion and thought with the camera’s ability to capture what we cannot see without it. 

I want to produce images that viewers need to invest something of themselves to make meaning.  In this series, I used black and white because it strips away the actual and propels thought into the abstract.