ITB Berlin Travel Trade Show

From 1994 to 2014, I worked in tourism. From the early projects to the establishment of my own international tourism sales and marketing business, I have been passionate about developing tourism business for my clients.

I was fortunate to count world renown sites as client: St Paul’s Cathedral in London, The Royal Pavillon in Brighton, The Grand Canal Shoppes in Las Vegas, Southern Wales Tourism Board, and many more. And, I have traveled to travel trade shows around the world on their behalf. And, I have brought my clients to visit the offices of tour operators in Europe and the USA.

JAC Travel London Res Staff

In helping my clients work with the travel trade, I found that I needed to add training to my services. I helped my clients navigate travel trade negotiations, and I trained the travel trade and res staffs about how to sell my clients. In 2016, I added a Master of Education in Instructional Technology to strengthen this aspect of my tourism work.

My career included a wide variety of travel trade and consumer tourism projects.