The images in these small portfolios from a larger body of work called Travelling at the Speed of Light. 

I started this project while being driven in a car with my camera on my lap.  I began taking photographs with a long exposure just to see what would happen.  I didn’t know what speed we were driving at, or what was coming up ahead.  I loved what happened to the landscape as it was transformed by the long shutter and the speed and bumps of the car. That was 18 months, and hundreds of images ago.

We see in the Speed of Light images what we couldn’t see in a normal situation.  Only a camera could record how the world was transformed by speed: the speed of the car, the shutter, and, of course, the speed of light.  This transformed world, obscure and unrecognisable for the most part, offers a surprising view into the interplay of light, time, distance and mass in the world around us.